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Auditing Service

What is an External Auditing Service?

When a company has decided that they want to generate a Quality Management System (QMS) that assures to a standard set of requirements (ISO 9001, ISO 14001) by hiring an independent corporation as an external auditing provider to perform an audit to determine that the company has succeeded in this regard.

So, this independent corporation or company is acknowledged as a registrar or certification body.

Our Third-party Auditing Service:

We have a team of certified professional auditors with sheer knowledge and experience in accountancy, financial and legal aspects to conduct a third-party audit (a kind of external audit) for our client companies comprises:

Audit Preparation

Audit Performance

Audit Reporting

Audit follow up and closure

A third-party audit is considered as a major step in augmenting businesses achieve certification, registration & endorsement (e.g. industry standard or award). We are glad to offer authoritative and adequate auditing services to our esteemed clients.